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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues, Riddles

Need a fun activity to help your kids enjoy Halloween? Having trouble thinking of Halloween scavenger hunt ideas? Create a customized Halloween scavenger hunt in minutes, print the clues, cut them out, and hide them in the location indicated at the bottom of each clue. The last clue/riddle can lead to the hiding place of a special trick or treat. Just sit back and watch the kids enjoy themselves searching for the items on the Halloween scavenger hunt list.

Example Clues/Riddles

  • Don’t let them see your face, if you are wise,
    you will wear this great disguise.
  • It will keep away vampires, protecting you from death,
    but it will not help you if you have bad breath.
    clove or string of Garlic
  • Casting evil spells and mixing potions, but look at that!
    While flying on my broom I lost my hat!
    a witch's hat
  • If you only knew my pain, I just want to cry!
    Can you help me find my other eye?
    Eyeball (pretend)

Free to create and preview your hunt
Print for only $14.99
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Hiding Places

We carefully chose the hiding places for Halloween scavenger hunt riddles to be things available at Halloween time. The hunt is designed to allow you to easily leave out or change the order of the clues. And with 25 riddles you have plenty of clues to keep the kids busy if you choose to leave out a few clues.
Examples: Mask, clove or string of Garlic, Eyeball (pretend), Mummy, Black Cat (picture included), Broom, Witch, Ghost, Spider's Web

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