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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Example Clues/Riddles

example outdoor scavenger hunt clues/riddles
  • Professional design
  • 12 creative clues
    • 4-5 year olds will get most clues
    • 6+ year olds will get all clues
  • Step by step directions

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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Clues, Riddles

Get Outdoors and Have Fun

Need an great excuse to enjoy the great outdoors? Buy and instantly receive this outdoor scavenger hunt, print the clues, cut them out, and hide them in the location indicated at the bottom of each clue. The last clue/riddle can lead to the hiding place of a special gift or treat. You will enjoy this mental and physical exercise.

Hiding Places

We carefully chose the hiding places for the clues to be things found at most parks.
Examples: grass, tree, bird's nest, dirt, spider web,flowers, pine cone, acorns etc.... If one clue doesn't work for you simply leave it out or talk about it why you can't find that object in your surroundings with your children.

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